Monday 22 October 2012

A Mother's Love - Brave - Melissa Lagonegro and Maria Elena Naggi

A Mother's Love
Melissa Lagonegro (Author)
Maria Elena Naggi (Illustrator)
and Studio IBOIX
Random House
ISBN 9780736429160

This 2nd Step reader builds upon the level one readers. It has short sentences and easy sight words. It does an amazing job of summarizing the whole movie in 29 pages. The illustrations are vibrant and fun. The story is a great adaptation. Both my older children loved the book and currently are asking for it frequently, in part, because Brave was the first movie we took both of them to see. We picked up a few of the Brave books to read. Right now they are incredibly popular in our house. This one is great for the older child to practice and work on her reading skills. A fun book and a family favorite!

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