Friday 26 October 2012

The Smurfs: The Snow Giant - Peyo

The Smurfs: The Snow Giant
Simon Spotlight
ISBN 9781442428928

It's always interesting going to a book store with my children, for I never know what they will pick to read and buy. On a recent visit to the bookstore this is the first book my 5 year old son picked to read. He wanted to find out more about the Smurfs, having seen the recent live action movie at Grandma's house. It is also weird going back and seeing new books with the Smurfs. It was almost like a trip back to childhood. This short story is a Leveled reader; it is intended to help children with reading development.

In this story Papa Smurf hurts his leg, and Clumsy drops the cure in the river. So an expedition must take place to harvest a flower for the cure. While on this journey they encounter the Abominable Snowman and he takes a fancy to Smurfette. Can they get the cure for Papa? Can they rescue Smurfette? Read and find out.

This book was great fun. My son loved it and had had it read to him a number of times.

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