Monday 15 October 2012

Buddy Loses a Tooth - Dinosaur Train

Buddy Loses a Tooth
Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train
Craig Bartlett
Grosset & Dunlap an imprint of
Penguin Group
ISBN 9780448456928

This is the first companion book to the TV series that my son has gotten. It is a great story. The illustrations are bright and vibrant. The main picture is at the top of the page with text below and train on tracks border down the side of the pages. The characters from the TV series come to life in these books. Buddy has been adopted and even though he is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, his siblings and parents are not. They are Pteranodons. Because of that difference, when Buddy loses a tooth they do not know what is happening, so they take the Dinosaur train to visit the Doctor another T.Rex. Soon they find out some of the differences between the species, and also that what you eat can affect your breath. It's a great fun story that children will enjoy often.

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