Wednesday 3 October 2012

Jack and Jill - Salina Yoon

Jack and Jill
Salina Yoon
Little Simon
ISBN 9781442414105

Wow, this is the thickest board book I have ever read, and heavy. My one and a half year old dropped it three times while carrying it to me to have me read it. I checked the shipping weight and compared it with many of Yoon's other books - most range between 5 and 12 ounces - and this one comes in at a whopping 1.2lbs. Every page is a traditional cardboard board book, bright glossy colors but then it seems to be laminated onto an actual piece of wood board. For 18 pages to be almost an inch and a half thick, the book is huge for little hands. The story is great. It starts off as a traditional Jack and Jill, but the story continues on from where it normally ends, with a great twist. The story is wonderful and very entertaining. The illustrations are a lot of fun and capture a Hallowe'en night feel. I just worry about it being dropped on little toes and about the durability in little hands with the construction. A great read but maybe one to keep out of reach of younger children. Only time will tell.

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