Sunday 16 September 2012

Zero To Hero - Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver - Ghost Buddy 1

Zero To Hero
Ghost Buddy 1
Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
ISBN 9780545298872
ISBN 9780545298827
eISBN 9780545392525

I must admit I am a big fan of this writing team. When I found out they had launched a new series with Scholastic I was overjoyed. But once I found out more about the new series I was a little nervous. A story about a ghost roommate could go either way. I should not have been worried. If the rest of the series is as good as this book, we are in for some amazing reads.

In this first book we are introduced to Billy Broccoli and Hoover Porterhouse. Billy has moved because his mother has remained. Billy has never been the most popular and starting at a new school where his mother is principal does not look like it will begin well. But the weekend before school starts he meets Hoover; Hoover has been a ghost for 99 years. And he only has one year left to pass Ghost School or he will be stuck on his family's piece of property for his entire afterlife. But for some strange reason Billy and Porter hit it off, and when things start going bad for Billy at school, Porter steps in.

This was a great story, in part about bullying, friendship, blended families, and all about growing up. It was a great fun read and I look forward to more books in the series.

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