Thursday 27 September 2012

The Super Secret Adventure Club - George McClements

The Super Secret Adventure Club
George McClements
ISBN 9780545436854

The illustrations in this book are different - they have a unique feel and look. Combined with the text and number of words in the background on the club house itself, it makes for some wonderful reading for young readers. As the boys fight over what to call their new clubhouse, Bea yells at the boys to be quiet about their club and they love what she calls it. A good read in the leveled readers series. But because the text is in so many different colors, styles, and sizes, some young readers might struggle with it more than other books in the leveled reading series at the same level.

About the Level Readers
The Leveled readers from Scholastic are a great way to introduce your child to reading. The levels are:

Pre1: ABC's & First Words
Level 1: Sight words, words to sound out and simple sentences.
Level 2: New vocabulary and longer sentences.
Level 3: Reading for inspiration and information.
Each book has a level rating, a grade level, a reading level, a lexile level and a word count on the back.

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