Saturday 1 September 2012

Welcome to Scholastic September

I have always loved books. Even when I was younger and could not read, I loved them. When my class mates could read circles around me before my dyslexia was diagnosed, I loved books. I love the look and feel and touch. I can remember being in school and waiting for the Scholastic flyer to come out. Then after my dyslexia was diagnosed and spending a summer in a special program to compensate for it, books were new worlds, and different places and different people I could visit. Some I visited again and again, some I lingered over and some I raced through. But that being said, my fondest memories from childhood are getting new books. And one of the reasons I love kids books now is I did not get to read them when a kid myself.

Over the last few years I have been reading and reviewing a lot of Scholastic books. In part because I have young children now and many of their books are geared for them. And also in part because they have so many amazing books and series, such as the Hunger Games, the 39 Clues, Poison Apple, the Underland Chronicles, the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Wolves of the Beyond, Land of Elyon and more. In the last four years I have reviewed over 250 Scholastic books. So I am dedicating the month of September to Scholastic. Join the ride and read reviews from preschool to adult favorites and hop on the Scholastic September train.

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Scholastic Canada said...

Thanks Steven! We're flattered :) Keep sharing your reviews with us!