Friday 6 July 2012

Faith At Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck - Kevin Lowry

Faith At Work:
Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck
Kevin Lowry
Our Sunday Visitor
ISBN 9781592760169

Few books have as an immediate an impact on all areas of your life as this book will. This book was stunningly designed to help you be a better servant of God and through that a better employee and coworker. With every chapter you learn new lessons that you can start applying immediately. Each chapter is broken into three sections - first the text of the chapter, second, action steps and third, questions for reflection. As I read this book I found that I would read a chapter a day, and the next day, before moving onto the next chapter, reread the action steps and reflection questions from the chapter before to see how I was doing. I have already read the whole book twice and know I will go back and read it again soon.

The chapters in the book are:
1. The High Calling of Work
2. Maximizing Value
3. Get Me Off This Roller Coaster!
4. Who's on Your Team?
5. An Attitude of Gratitude
6. Give me Patience, Quick!
7. How to Treat the Janitor
8. Workplace Witness
9. You Don't Drink Diet Coke?
10. Call in the Consultants
11. "Forgive Us Our Trespasses"
12. I Love A Challenge
13. The Beatitudes and Business

The writing was easily accessible and straightforward. Kevin draws from his years of experience in high finance and not-for-profit work. He also draws from examples that he was witness to. These examples in every chapter help to drive home the points made in the chapters. This book will have a lasting impact on all areas of your life. The advice is intended for work but you can apply the skills he outlines to friends and families also. Kevin is a very engaging writer and I have already recommended this book to numerous friends. And I know that I will be looking forward to more books by Kevin, hopefully soon.

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