Monday 16 July 2012

Gregor and the Marks of Secret - Suzanne Collins

Gregor and the Marks of Secret
The Underland Chronicles
Book 4

Suzanne Collins

ISBN 9780439791465

There are so many fans out there of the Hunger Games books, and every time I encounter one of them I tell them I really liked that trilogy but I absolutely love the Underland Chronicles. With each of the books in the quintet I appreciate the writing and stories more. The growth and development of the characters and the plot is amazing. Watching Lexa and Gregor grow is a wonderful experience. Not since reading Madeleine L'Engle books years ago have I wanted to know what was happening with the characters when I was not reading about them, or found myself wondering what happens to them next, where they will be in 5 years or in 10 years. These are amazing characters and the series is incredible.

The biggest difference in this book over the preceding 3 in the series is that Gregor does not know or have a copy of the prophecy that he so heavily plays a role in. In fact, this prophecy is so dark, so bad, no one will tell him about it, not even Ripred. You know it's bad when a giant rat, considered the most cold- hearted creature in all of the underland, does not want to burden you with it.

The progression in this story was very different from the first three. First, as mentioned, we do not know the prophecy going into the adventure. Second, we do not have a clear resolution like the earlier books. Three, both Gregor and Luxa grow immensely in this book. Their characters mature, and are stretched. C.S. Lewis once stated ""Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth." In both Gregor and Luxa we see serious growth and I cannot wait to start book 5. This is an amazing series; give it a shot - you will find yourself addicted.

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