Monday 23 July 2012

BOB Books Sight Words - First Grade - Lynn Maslen Kertell and Sue Hendra

BOB Books
Sight Words - First Grade
Lynn Maslen Kertell (Author)
Sue Hendra (Illustrator)
ISBN 9780545019248

The Bob Books are a series of boxed sets designed to help develop skills at different levels and complexities. They are designed to grow with a child as their skills in reading improve. This is the second set we have given our oldest daughter and she loves them.

There are 10 books in this specific boxed set:
Little Bug
The Sled
What Is that?
Come In
The Old Truck
Play Ball
Dress Up
Before and After

30 Flash Cards of the 30 sights words:
are, good, now, ate, he, little, pretty, said, she, will, with, you, my, that, what, come, into, under, make, new, like, play, bring, small, old, find,
before, then, long, after

The tools combined in this box set are a real aide in helping a child grow and develop their reading skills. The focused repetitions between the flash cards and the same words being a big focus in the books is a well designed and planned tool. One of the things I like best is that in the front cover of each book is a list of the site words focused on in that book, and a parenting tip for helping the child to acquire the new words. This is a great series and with each new one I appreciate them more.

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