Friday 13 July 2012

First Little Readers - Deborah Schecter and Anne Kennedy

First Little Readers
Guided Reading Level A
Deborah Schecter (Author)
Anne Kennedy (Illustrator)
ISBN 9780545231497

This is an amazing reading pack for young children. My daughter is in Sr. Kindergarten and can now read almost all of these books by herself. The way they are designed with the repetition and patterns is a great aide in helping young readers develop skills with their sight words and sounding out words. Almost every day now my daughter grabs these books and randomly works through them. In this box set the 25 readers are:

What is for Supper?
Fun at the Playground
Hello, Beach
Fun With Mud
Birthday Surprise
Cold Rose
What Can I See?
I Like School
Look What I Found!
What Shines?
What Do I Need?
Where Is Petey?
Hide and Seek
Hats, Hats, Hats
Shapes for Lunch
Winter Is Here
What Is Red?
I Like Stripes
When Night Comes
Sweet Treat
I Can Draw!
Almost Spring
Hurry Up! Hurry Up!
Class Pets

Incredible books with great illustrations and will be an excellent resource in the classroom or home.

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