Monday 30 April 2012

Right Behind A Parody of Last Days Goofiness - Nathan D. Wilson and Mr Sock

Right Behind
A Parody of Last Days Goofiness
Mr Sock and Nathan D. Wilson
(Not Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins)
Canon Press
ISBN 9781885767875

This book was written to be a parody of the Left Behind series. It had a great deal of potential and the concept was amazing, but the execution was a little flawed. I am not sure if it was Wilson's youth or inexperience as a writer that lead to the let-down. Or maybe it was having read many of his more recent books and finding his fiction, especially in the 100 Cupboards series, almost 'Tolkienesque', that I
had such high expectations. Instead, I read something like a Christian version of a fraternity joke. The style was a little rambling, the story inconsistent and it constantly made reference to the fact that it was an end-times book - characters referring to what evangelicals would and would not accept in the writing and also characters talking about their character and its focus or intent. Overall it was a let-down. I read it because I set the goal of reading all of Wilson's books and I will read the sequel to this but I know he could have done so much more with it if he had written it today!

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