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Judy Moody Saves The World - Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds - Book 3

Judy Moody Saves The World
Judy Moody Book 3
Megan McDonald (Author)
Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)
ISBN 9780763648596
eISBN 9780763652012

Judy Moody gets better and better. With each book I read, I am more impressed with the storytelling abilities of Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds. Their ability to capture family life, with all its quirks, is amazing. They also do an incredible job of capturing friendships and a child's enthusiasm for something that grabs their attention. And in this book, that is protecting the environment. It all starts in science class and the section on the environment. The chapters in this story are:

Crazy Strips Contest
Batty for Banana Peels
A Mr. Rubbish Mood
Pigtoes, Pumas, and Pimplebacks
Beetle Emergency
Pond Scum
Luna Two
Batty for Band-Aids
Project P.E.N.C.I.L.
Batty for Bottles
The Winking Disease

Judy, as usual, gets herself into trouble. She wants to save the world. And she starts at home. Unfortunately she upsets her mother, father, and little brother Stink in her first attempt. Second, she tries to do something at school, but she ends up angering her whole class. But that leads to the idea for Mr. Todd's class 3T to collect bottles to plant trees in the rainforest. The class works together and they achieve some amazing results. To find out what, pick up the book and give it a read.

This is another wonderful book in a great series. And while most of the books have lessons about learning who you are and becoming better at being, this one focuses outward and has a lesson we can all learn from. Great story in an amazing series.

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