Wednesday 9 May 2012

Caillou The Captain - Sarah Margaret Johanson and Eric Sevigny

Caillou The Captain
Sarah Margaret Johanson (Author)
Eric Sevigny (Illustrator)
Chouette Publishing
ISBN 9782894507476

The other day my son and I went to the bookstore and he got to pick two books for me to get to read to him. I was very surprised when he passed all the Disney books and many of the others, and picked two Caillou books. Instead, he wanted the simple stories from the Caillou books which are much like the TV shows by the same name that he watches occasionally. On the Chouette Publishing website it states that the purpose of the Caillou books is to "provide a way for young children to better understand what they are experiencing and to find the words to express their feelings. Using everyday situations and written from a child's point of view, the books help children cope with the various developmental stages of their lives." They definitely do that.

In this book, Caillou is going on an outing with his grandfather. His grandfather has a surprise in a box. Caillou tries to guess what it is on the way to the park. When they get there he finds out it is a boat - a motor boat, and his friend and another child are there with theirs also and every Saturday they race. Caillou wants to win but we all know we do not always get what we want. But Caillou learns a valuable lesson and looks forward to many more Saturdays at the park with his new boat. It is a great story and one I am happy to read to my son as many times as he wants.

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