Monday 21 May 2012

Chuggington Dinosaur Adventure - Ian Carney

Dinosaur Adventure!
Ian Carney
ISBN 9780545368636

At first I was worried that Chuggington would be a modernized version of Thomas the Train. Boy was I wrong. Both the TV show and the books are great. In this particular book, they encounter a new dinosaur - a Photosaurus. It was part of a display for a new museum exhibit. But soon they realize the dinosaur is a great height for taking pictures. So with the help of friends and a friendly exhibit, Wilson gets his pictures for the new posters. We have only read a few of the Chugginton books but the colors are super bright and vibrant. The stories are fun and this book will get kids by having both trains and dinosaurs. Awesome story for Chuggers young and old.

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