Friday 5 November 2010

The North Star - Peter H. Reynolds

The North Star
Peter H. Reynolds

ISBN 9780763636777

In this story a young boy is learning about life - first to crawl and then to walk. But soon a cat is telling him he must hurry up as he is falling behind and will lose his way. He starts following all the signs, even when they become very confusing and often contradictory. Soon his life seems like a chore or task to stay on the path and stay caught up with others. But all along he is becoming less and less happy. Then he wanders from the path and starts to find an enjoyment in nature again.

It had been a few years since I read a book by Peter H. Reynolds, when his book Ish came to mind. I tracked down some of his newer books and was really impressed with both the stories and the illustrations. I love Reynolds, who has a very distinctive style of illustration, often minimalist in the extreme with just a small drawing in the center or each page without having to cover every page from edge to edge. The artwork is adorable and the stories always wonderful.

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