Saturday 27 November 2010

8 Spinning Planets - Brian James and Russell Benfanti

8 Spinning Planets
Brian James (Author)
Russell Benfanti (Illustrator)
Cartwheel Books an imprint of
ISBN 9780545235174

This board book for young readers has bubble illustrations for each of the planets and counts down from 8 to 1 planet, starting closest to the sun and moving out. Each page has a short description about the specific planet being profiled. It is very bright and vibrant - the colors are wonderful. My only problem is a factual error at the end of the book. It states Pluto is not a planet because it is too small. Though it was recently demoted from being a planet, it was not related to its size but because of its orbit. This misrepresentation or misinformation causes the book to lose some of its luster.

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