Tuesday 23 November 2010

Grandma Loves - Sharlene Weingart

Grandma Loves
Sharlene Weingart
ISBN 978145352401

This is the third book by Canadian author Sharlene Weingart. Her books are very popular with our children and currently among their favorites. The style is similar to Mommy Takes Away, with facing pages of text and pictures, but with the pictures on the left and text on the right. Written in rhyme, the book follows a young girl and her brother as they spend a day with Grandma. This story goes from combing hair, to making soup, playtime, a walk and time gardening, picking flowers, making cookies and story time. It is all about Grandma-time and loving grandma. Wonderfully illustrated and well written, children will ask to have this book read to them again and again.

Books by Sharlene Weingart:
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