Sunday 7 November 2010

Rose's Garden - Peter H. Reynolds

Rose's Garden
Peter H. Reynolds

Walker Children's

ISBN 9781406327748

It had been a few years since I read a book by Peter H. Reynolds, when his book Ish came to mind. I tracked down some of his newer books and was really impressed with both the stories and the illustrations. This is the story off a young girl named Rose; she is sailing around the world in her teapot ship and she collects seeds where ever she goes to remember the places she has been. Soon she arrives in a new town and decides to settle there. She finds an abandoned plot of land and decides to plant her garden. But when she returns to her boat, almost all her seeds have been eaten by birds. She takes the few that are left and plants them, and waits and waits. She hopes and believes that the garden will grown and bring color to the city. But the plants just do not seem to be blooming. Then one day a child brings her a paper flower for her garden - soon all the children are bringing her flowers and her garden becomes full of beautiful flowers. Then she realizes that there are real flowers growing among the paper ones. Her faith has been rewarded. Reynolds has a very distinctive style of illustration, often minimalist, in that there are drawings in the center of each page without having to cover every page from edge to edge. The artwork is adorable and the story is wonderful.

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