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The Mystery at Midnight - Lisa M. Hendey and Jenn Bower - Chime Travelers Book 4

The Mystery at Midnight 
Chime Travelers Book 4
Lisa M. Hendey
Jenn Bower (Illustrator)
Servant Books a division of
Franciscan  Media

There are currently five books in the Chime Travelers series and they were published in 2015-16. I came across them late and read book 5 first. I have since gone back and read them all. The series is excellent, and each book does a great job of bringing a saint to life. The books can be read in any order, and each book is strong enough to stand on it's own, but I would recommend reading them in the published order. My only regret about this book, is that now I have read all 5 in the series. And I have not heard anything about if there will be more books. 

Books 3 and 4 should really be read in one right after the other. For in Book 3 Patrick goes back in time and meets Francis of Assisi, and in this book, Katie travels through space and time and encounters Clare. She meets Clare before she joins Francis, but right on the cusp of that action. This book has the time travel adventure and that is a wonderfully written story by Lisa Hendey. It is also wonderfully illustrated by Jenn Bower. This is by no way a picture book, it is an middle grade chapter book with about 1 illustration per chapter. After the story there is a short section on the real Clare of Assisi, a quote from her and a wonderful prayer to St. Clare, it is:

A Prayer to St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare, you were a light to many people during your life on earth. You gave yourself fully to service of the poor through your charity and your prayers.
Help me today to give my life and my love to all those in need: the hungry, the sick, the lonely, and those who are hurting in any way. Help me to quiet my heart, to live simply, and to see the precious face of Jesus in the people around me.

May my life be a light to others, that they will know the love of Jesus in their hearts.

Help me to give my gifts more fully to God, who has blessed me so much. Amen.

After the prayer there is a great discussion guide, that can be used as a family or in the classroom. These books have now been read many times in our house. My oldest who is almost 12 is now reading them to the younger two, her and I read them together alternating pages. And even though she is a reluctant reader she loved this series. In fact, as I was writing this review my son came by and he and I are starting this book together tonight as his reading for the day. And to be completely honest, that is one of the great strengths of this book and the series, these books can be read again and again. They hold up well even across multiple readings.

A great book in a wonderful series, recommended by the whole family from 7 through 47 years of age.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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