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We Are All Jacob's Children: A Tale of Hope, Wisdom, and Faith - Noah benShea - Jacob the Baker Book 4

We Are All Jacob's Children: 
A Tale of Hope, Wisdom, and Faith
Noah benShea
Number Nine Media
ISBN 9781732476004
eISBN 9781732476011

The book Jacob's Children is an incredible read. But before I get to it let me give you some back story. Jacob the Baker has been a part of my life for the better part of two decades. My introduction to Jacob was during a retreat at an inner city church in Toronto. A masters of theology student, who had formerly been a street person, read us a few sections from the Jacob the Baker book. This man spoke about the ministry of Sanctuary within the inner city community; soup kitchen, clothing exchange, drop in centre, and just out and about on the streets. Jacob immediately spoke to me. While still in Toronto I tracked it down in a used book store and found the second volume Jacob's Journey, and found out about the third Jacob's Ladder. I have read each of these books many times over the years. Jacob the Baker was the first book I ever read to the woman who is now my wife. We have each read all three books many times over. I read these three books at least once a year. I have read this book through three times now, and it is incredible. My wife and I have been married 13 years and she has only seen me cry twice, I do not produce much in the way of tears, but I cried twice while reading the book. 

This book is set many years after Jacob's Ladder, Jacob is a widow, and Jonah has moved away to lead the Council of the Sages. And Jacob is finding himself drawn back into the limelight and controversy. He is approached to teach the school children after the normal school day. Some men see it as a trap to expose Jacob. Jacob in his prayer and reflection speaks to both his departed wife and grandfather, seeking wisdom and guidance. In my first reading through this book I highlighted 32 passages. Some of them were so incredible I shared them with friends and family, even though the book was as of yet unpublished. Some of those quotes, those gems of wisdom are:

"In gratitude," said Jacob, "find prayer. "In prayer find faith. "In faith find grace. "In grace find peace. "In peace find gratitude."   

"When you can't change events, change you."

 "Prayer isn't supposed to make you feel better but be better," said Jacob.

"No," said Jacob. ""Most of us don't lack for information. What most of us lack is the character to act on the information at hand."

"We are not in charge of what the world delivers to our door," said Jacob. "We are in charge of our response."

"And our work in this life is not what we do but who we are."

"The greatest opportunity in life," said Jacob "is daring to be the person you might yet become."

This book like the whole Jacob series will help you look at the world in a new way. But it does that by helping us look at ourselves, and really see what is there. For only once we are open to who we are, can we really start working towards becoming who we can be we need to be honest about who we are. Jacob helps us see who we are but also have compassion on ourselves. 

This book is simply incredible. I love the whole series; I reread them every year and have now started reading them with my oldest child. I believe that anyone can become better at being from an encounter with Jacob. As such I highly recommend this book. 

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