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The Boys Upstairs - Jane Lebak - Father Jay Book 2

The Boys Upstairs
Father Jay Book 2
Jane Lebak
Philangelus Press

ISBN 9781942133025
eISBN 9781926931128

I need to confess something before writing my review of this book. I enjoyed this book so much I read book three before writing the review. And currently I tend to alternate fiction and non-fiction. I chose a really short non-fiction to read between this book and book three. I really, really wanted to see where the story was going. Ok confessions aside time to review the book.

This book continues a short while after Bulletproof Vestments, Father Jay Farrell is a disabled priest. His brother is a cop. When they were younger they were both involved in gangs and lived on the edge. But After Jay joined the military and was disabled when his vehicle exploded; he came to the catholic faith. And ended up becoming a priest. And he and Kevin are estranged. He serves at a poor inner city parish. And in this volume he has turned the rectory into an unofficial home for street kids. He has rules for the boys. They need to either go to school or if old enough they need to work. Some of the boys have formed a new gang called the Archangels. 

When Father Jay's brother shows up late at night with three siblings Father Jay takes them in and trusts God to find a way to work things out. But father Jay has a lot on his plate. Supporting the buys upstairs. Running the soup kitchen in the church, called the cafeteria. Running a parish on a shoe string budget. And trying to follow God, in all he does.

The summary of the book on the jacket is:

"Three homeless children. Two estranged brothers. One last chance.

Kevin Farrell is a jaded police officer trying to save three homeless children. But it's three nights before Christmas, and the only one he can ask for help is his brother Jay, a disabled priest. 

The catch? He and his brother have been estranged because after all the evil he's seen, Kevin cannot believe in God. Only now, to save these homeless kids, with temperatures below zero and falling, Kevin knows it's going to take both him and his brother working together, but first they'll have to mend the breach between them." 

There is a lot of action in this little volume. It adds nicely to the tale of Father Jay and Officer Kevin. It is a good read and I sincerely hope this series will not end with the three books currently available. But I will warn you once you read this book you will immediately want book three to continue the story. I great read well worth picking up and giving a go.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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