Saturday 24 March 2018

The Wheels on the Bus …

The Wheels on the Bus …

I have been commuting to work on public transit for 18 months now, since switching jobs. And for the better part of a year before that I was walking to work about a 40 minute walk, and getting picked up to come home. It has proved so much easier than putting a second car on the road. I know that as a family of 5 we are in the minority with only 2 vehicles. In fact I know some family's that between summer cars, motorbikes and such have 2 or more vehicles per person. But for us this is working out and working well.

When I first took this new role, my wife was surprised I was willing to give public transit a go. I have a 15-20 minute walk from home to my bus stop, and then a 13 minute ride on an express route. I could walk just 5 minutes to a bus, ride it a few blocks and transfer, cross the intersection to take the bus I take. But because of schedules I would ride that first bus for under 5 minutes and then wait 20 minutes for the next bus.

I enjoy the quiet alone time, especially in winter.  I love walking in the cold, and with fresh or falling snow. Because I work 630am-230pm I now leave the house at 545-550am and catch my bus at 609am. And I am at my desk having made a coffee and tea to start the day by 630am.

Last year the pus passes were pictures of people or events for the most part.  This year so far they have all been foods. I always look forward to going and picking up my new pass and seeing what picture will be on it.

My time on the bus has been interesting there are a number of regulars at that time of day. Some I know to say hi to, I do not know the names of any. A few work at UW, 1 at another insurance company across the street from mine. And a few at the regions waste management facility at the edge of town.

I enjoy my walks and my time on the bus. And wanted to share this photo of last year's bus passes. For those of you with children picture the song from the title of this post or the Backyardigans Riding the Range but switch out the word.

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