Monday 26 March 2018

Spring 2018 Random Workout Generator V1

Random Workout Generator 2018

My workouts other than karate have been very hit or miss over the last year. And with that home come more pain, pain from old injuries flaring up, and pain from carrying more weight than I should be. And part of trying to be a better father is my need to be fit. So, with that in mind I am took an old workout generator that picked a workout from tony Horton, and have created a new body weight workout generator.

This tool was created to randomize your workout schedule. A sort of workout confusion. Each time you click Pick Workout, it will randomize the number of sets, currently based on the number of sets you do asset number of reps. I am working on generating a random number of reps based on the number of sets, but do not have it there yet. It also picks a random Kata for me to practice that day, based on those I am required to know currently. It also picks a Kata for me to practice that day based on those I am required to know currently.

From the list of the following exercises:

Tricep Dips
Calf Raises
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Leg Raises
High Knees
Flutter Kicks
Shoulder Rolls
Mountain Climbers

For each exercise it randomly picks between 0-10 sets. Based on the number for the set you do a predetermined number of reps:


Now my sheet is not perfect it occasionally comes us with =REF, and I am not sure why, if I pick a workout it usually clears. The list of Kata's it picks from currently is:

Pinan Shodan
Shi Ho Hi
Pinan Nidan
Naihanchi Shodan
Pinan Sandan
Matsu Higa No Tonfa Dai

My plan for now is to use this and as long as it picks two exercises each day I will start here, where I am now. On I have the goal of doing each exercise at least twice a week. If you want to grab a copy of this new workout generator and give it a try or modify it for your own use you can get it here. My weight today is up about 5 lbs since January 1st. And over the last year I have been hovering between 242 and 216. Right now, I am in the middle of that range, but I know my knees and should cause me far less pain if I am below 200 lbs. So that is the first goal to get my weight down to 200lbs, and then set a new goal. If you want to follow along my tracking is here.

So today is a new day. And I will begin with this, and in a few months, I will revisit; add pyramids, reverse pyramids. As long as I get consistent again and get moving.

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