Monday 16 October 2017

In a Kilt on a Fall Day

In a Kilt on a Fall Day

Name: Steven R. McEvoy
Age: 50ish
Roman Catholic
Heritage: Scottish/Irish
Born: South Eastern Ontario
Interest: Rugby, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Winter Sports,
               Water Sports, Working out, Hiking, Camping.

Guiding Questions:

Who are you?
What do you want?
Where are you going?
Who do you serve?
Who do you trust?

Daily Goals:

  1. To get enough sleep.
  2. To eat right & Exercise daily.
  3. To refuse to be a perfectionist.
  4. To carefully control finances.
  5. To ask for help when needed.
  6. To pray and read the Bible daily.
  7. To not pressure self into planning
        entire life today.


To live life to the full, while finding balance between
body, mind and spiritual development .


  To love and serve God, well all of my days .

"Eight Principles to Live Your Life by:
     1. I will do all things as unto the lord.
     2. I will live in the light of the judgement seat of Christ.
     3. I will consider my weaker brother in all I do.
     4. I will do nothing unless I'm sure that it's right to do.
     5. I will do all things to the glory of my God.
     6. I will avoid what may appear wrong even if I know it's not.
     7. I will abstain from things which culd enslave me.
     8. I will seek always to do what I believe Jesus would do."
-Dr. James MacDonald


3 Children
2 Brothers, Robert James & John Mitchell
Step Brother, David
Step Sister, Nichole
Adopted Sister, Mariah
I am the oldest of the 6.

"Bear and Forebear"
"Give and Forgive"
The McEvoy Clan Motto
and the MacLennan Clan from my maternal side is

"Dum Spiro Spero" In Latin
"Fhads is beo bin dochas" in Gaelic
"While I have breath I have hope"

Note: Top Photo fall of 2010. Wedding Photo March 27th 2003. Scout Leader Spring of 1989. Bottom photo fall of 1988 High School graduation (First time I wore my kilt.).

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