Tuesday 17 October 2017

A Late Supper And New Favourite Cheese!

A Late Supper And New Favourite Cheese!

I do not normally write food posts, unless I am working on new soup, smoothie or juice recipes. But I need to tell a story about cheese. Last year I drove with friends from Waterloo, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec and back in the same day. We were going to pick up a car that had broken down. While in Montreal my friends in-laws took us out for lunch. But also send us home with a packed back for eating on the way home. That bag included some dried meats, some cold cuts, pitas, and this cheese I had never had before. The cheese was amazing it was white, squeaky, peppery (at least I thought it was pepper.) This amazing cheese came back to mind recently and I went on the quest to find it. First asking an aunt and uncle who are cheese lovers. But they came up blank. I then approached the friend whom I had travelled with. Eventually I found the name Twisted cheese. I picked some up today while out with the guys at work for lunch at a Shawarma place near work. It was even better than I had remembered.

So tonight I had a late supper it consisted of:
Twisted Cheese
Gluten Free Crackers
Brew Dr. Kombucha

It was a great meal was only missing some tomato, olives and pickled turnip. But that is the story of my new favorite cheese and I look forward to trying different brands, I understand some use different seeds and quantity can vary also. If you love cheese, especially curds you owe it to yourself to try this firm unripened cheese it is amazing!

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Jean Heimann said...

This cheese looks delicious!