Monday 27 February 2017

Lenten Reading 2017

Lenten Reading 2017

This year I am changing it up a bit. I am not doing any devotions that are year specific for 2017. I have chosen 3 daily reading books, one for morning, one for afternoon and one for evening. I have also chosen 1 audio resource and my last selection this year for lent if the Catholic Answers 20 Book Challenge.

Francis Fernandez
ISBN 0906138205
Scepter Press
ISBN 0906138191
In Conversation with God Volume 2 Part 1 Lent and Holy Week
In Conversation with God Volume 2 Part 2 Eastertide

This volume spans the time from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost Sunday. Therefore this book will lead you through Lent, Easter and the 5 weeks of Easter leading up to Pentecost. If you cannot afford the whole set, start with this volume and the Advent and Christmastide volume, then add the others over time. It is usually cheaper to buy the boxed set but sometimes that amount of money is not available up front. You can read my full review of this book here. And these are now available in ebooks. The eBook edition is split into 2 volumes.

Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Lent and Easter 
ISBN 9780764826870

I have read Amy's Reconciled to God Daily Lenten Devotionsand her contributions in other devotionls. I am looking forward to reading this new offering from her. The Description of this volume is "This Lent and Easter season, author Amy Welborn shares her own struggles and triumphs of trying to live Lent and Easter spirituality year-round. She shares how small moments of frustration can turn into small lessons of grace. We carry our own crosses alongside Jesus this season. But as we drop worldly concerns to pick up our cross, we may realize our burden has actually been lightened."

A Jubilee Year Lenten Devotion
Michael Gaitley
ISBN 9781596143364

This devotion was written for a specific year, last year in fact. But I did not really get into Father Gaitley's writings until after that point. I will be doing book the book and audio version of this devotion.

This series comprises 20 Books, 20 Topics, and 20 Questions on different aspects of Catholicism or Catholic answers to other religions. I recently read a challenge to read all 20 books in this series over lent. I was originally planning on reading them over a year, but after reading this volume I am up for the challenge. To read them all over lent would be about 25 pages of reading a day. Here is the list of books in this series.

So As you can see between doing the Exodus 90 and the above reading it might be a pretty good thing that I gave up TV as part of the Exodus 90. Looking forward to growing through discipline this lent. 

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