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Loving the University - Barry Lyga - A Short Story

Loving the University
A Short Story
Barry Lyga
B & Z Publishing 

This is the second in a series of short stories that Barry Lyga is releasing this year. These previously unpublished stories will be released one a month, and from the look of it only available during that month. So if you are a fan of Lyga's work then I suggest get them while you can. But these stories are also being published with a purpose, for Lyga will not be taking any of the proceeds of the sales. He has decided to donate the money to the ACLU in response to all that is currently going on in the political sphere. You can read about that more here. But not living in the United States nor being American that has a little less impact on me. However I have been a fan of Lyga's work since first discovering his writings in the anthology Geektastic back in 2009, in fact I have tracked down out of print anthologies that he contributed to. So the chance to get some new short stories is welcome.

This story was a very interesting read. As someone who was a student off and on for over 20 years both full and part time at a few different universities, and as someone who worked as a university chaplain, there is still a draw to campus and campus life. But this story tackles that from a different direction. It follows a father and son who live their life working in the family pizza shop, that is dependant upon the university students for it's success and prosperity. It is interesting to read about son witnessing his father, and then repeating the same events in his own life.

Lyga's description of the story is: 
"Stavros has worked his whole life at the Pizza Emporium.
(Or has he?)
He's watched generations of University men come and go, ever-changing, while his life has remained the same.
(Or has it?)
"Loving the University" is an intimate and intricate look into one man's choices and the pains of mere living.
(Or is it?)"

And in the author's note at the end of the story, he shares how this story came close to being published a number of times. But the publications seemed to want the same one change, a change that Lyga himself through would fundamentally alter the story. So it did not see the light of day until published this year so the proceeds can go to a cause Lyga believes in. The story was written in response to events that transpired in Lyga's life at Broadway Pizza in New Haven. But looking back he wonders about his writing the story and his conjectures that led to it. 

In this case event though it is a very good short story, they story about the story and the stories history are almost as interesting.

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