Thursday 1 December 2016

Moses the Black: Thief, Murderer, Monk , Saint - Jared Zimmerer

Moses the Black Thief, Murderer, Monk , Saint 
Moses the Black #1
Jared Zimmerer
Zimmerer Books
ISBN 9781539481973

This novella is the first instalment in a 10 part series. Picking a lesser known Saint to be the focus of his first foray into the field of fiction was a bold move for Jared Zimmerer. But as they say 'either go big or go home', and Zimmerer pulls it off. This book delivers on its commitment to present saints in all their grittiness, rawness and without a rose filter. Saint Moses the Black is to have lived from 330-405AD. He is also known as Moses the Robber, the Abyssinian or the Ethiopian.  

But our introduction to this man is at a time when he is no saint. In fact he is a slave, accused of murdering another slave. And though he is big and strong and worth a lot as a slave and worker his owner decides to condemn him to death. On the morning of his execution he escapes, and flees into the dessert in order to try and save his life. Meeting an old man in the desert who provides water and a meal, he is saved for the moment but must continue on. Finally reaching Lucrim, Moses and there he joins a band of ruffians, but one that has found a way to buy his freedom. 

Who is this strange patron that wanted Moses in his band? They have been promised riches, robbery and an exciting life, but at what cost? 

This book was a great read. Part history, part mysticism, part speculation but it delivers a thrilling story and leaves you desperate for volume 2. This story will be told over 10 short volumes. In some ways reviving the old serial novelization format, The advantage of this serial release is that we should get new instalments fairly regularly, thus not having to wait long periods for new novels. And as this book is part of a series about lesser known saints once can only speculate on other saints Zimmerer will present in this format. The drawback is that if the others are like this as soon as you finish a volume you will want the next.

An awesome novella that will hook you and you will be addicted waiting for more in the series. Well done Jared well done!   
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