Wednesday 25 May 2016

The Giant Smugglers - Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon

The Giant Smugglers
Chris Pauls & Matt Solomon
ISBN 9781250066527
eISBN 9781250066534

I was privileged to read a review copy of this book months before it was released. From the first glimpse of the cover, through reading the description of the book I was very keen on reading it. It did not disappoint. This was the first book I have read by either Pauls or Solomon and I really hope there will be more. I must warn you this is a highly addictive read. If you find at times you have a hard time putting down books, this will be one of those reads. If you repeatedly say one more page or one more chapters you will definitely find yourself doing that with this read.

This book is a wonderful story, it is the story of friendship, the story about doing what is right. It is also in part a story about family. And it is a great adventure. This is the story of Charlie Lawson, a young man who is currently at odds with the world. He is 13 years old, great at racing games, does not like is mom's boyfriend and is angry with his brother who left a year earlier to travel with the fair. But his life changes by a meeting with someone different than himself, very different. For Charlie meets a giant a real live GIANT who is hiding in an abandoned warehouse across from Charlies flat. Soon Charlie is stuck with a lot of responsibility for his young shoulders, there is an evil organization trying to capture the Giants and use them as a source or new enhancement drugs, a group helping smuggle the giants across the country, and his loyalty to his new friend.

Charlie and Bruce develop an immediate friendship. And soon Charlie is showing Bruce kung fu movies and sharing laughs. But those who would put Bruce in a lab are really close and getting closer every second. This story includes some great chases, a few surprises and some amazing places to hide a giant.

Last year I read 177 books and this one was #6 on my top ten list for the fiction books for the year. I really hope it ends up being the first in a series because it was such a wonderful read. So pick it up and give it a read I am sure you will be entertained.

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Unknown said...

Paul's and Solomon's first novel, "Deck Z," is also a terrific read. It blends history and adventure. And, like their latest novel, it deals with an important theme. While Smuggler's theme is friendship, Z's is hubris. -Dave Danielson