Monday 23 May 2016

Journey - A.J. Gillette - Geoterra Book 2

Geoterra Book 2
A.J. Gillette
Hidden Lake Press

I read this book immediately after finishing book one, Exodus, in this series. Finding a new series with three books out and nine planned is a wonderful place to be. I must admit, I absolutely loved book 1 and I did really enjoy book two, but at paints it seemed like it was trying too hard. A.J. (Alfred) Gillette in a new name in Canadian Science fiction, he has release the first three books in the Geoterra series and has a few other projects brewing. This is proving to be an awesome series and I eagerly expect the rest of the books.

The book in some ways reads like a Spider Robinson book or like Stainless Steel Rat books by Harry Harrison. A little bit of science, a little humor and a lot of fun. Is this a deep read by no means, does it ask a few questions worth thinking more deeply about, defiantly.  It is entertaining, highly. 

This book is slower paced than the first, but the crew of the 5 ships have some interesting adventures. We have a few crew members who face near certain death, we have accelerated pregnancies, the threat of imprisonment. The aid from some very advanced races. And encounter a race so small they are not visible to the humans. A lot happens in this short novel. And throughout the story are interspersed pop culture and sci-fi references from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. We see some interesting developments within the crew dynamics. 

The story is driven mainly by the characters and their goal of starting over again away from Earth, and away from Interstellar travel. They desire to start a new earth where the choice to not have interacted with other races had been made. But The journey is long and the obstacles many and with every encounter they are either making friends or enemies. And some of those enemies are very determined.

This book was a fun read. And I am really looking forward to where book three will lead. If you have not read his books I give them a big thumbs up and say give it a go.  

The books are available on both Kindle and Kobo.

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