Monday 2 May 2016

Motivation Code - Anthony Smits

Motivation Code
Anthony Smits
ISBN 9781310634604

There are a couple of adages or sayings that really do not apply to this book. The saying goes "You don't get something for nothing." or "You get what you pay for." But neither is true for this book. I discovered Anthony as the editor of Michal Stawicki's books, when I found out he had a few of his own I was very intrigued. Then to find out that both of his books were available for free I was blown away.

This book has a lot of great information condensed and presented in an easy to read, encouraging and friendly manner. The chapters in this brief volume are:
Success Requires Self-Motivation
Your Sphere of Influence
Action 1: Unmask Your Character
Action 2: Train for the game you like playing
Action 3: Choose a distinct path and follow it
Your Sphere of Effectiveness
Action 4: Justify your choices
Action 5: Commit to campaign until you win
Action 6: Consistently Show Initiative that Enacts Your Plan

To be honest there was not a lot terribly new in this book, but it was great reminder. It is sort of like going on a motivational retreat or conference but doing so by yourself and with Anthony as the guide through his writing instead of paying huge to attend a live event with Robin Sharma, Dan Millman or Stephen Covey. You can get a great start and some amazing tools from this book. Then if you want to pursue costlier advice by all means, do so. But Anthony has some excellent advice and guidance so give is book a try, you really cannot beat the price!

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