Friday 20 May 2016

Read More Books Now - Brandon Vogt

Read More Books Now
Brandon Vogt

I overage over 100 books a year, but I am always interested in finding out what tools others use to increase their reading speed and retention. I have been aware of Brandon Vogt's writing for a while now and respect him as a writer and researcher. He recently offered a free 4 part video course to share some of his tips. All you need to do is sign up and you get an email every few days with a link to a video. However, that is just the beginning, you get a lot of other great resources when you purchase the course:

10 HD Video Lessons
Read More Books Now eBook
Read More Books Now Audio Book
Reading Tracking Spreadsheet Excel
Reading Tracking Spreadsheet Google

Teddy's Roosevelt's Reading Secrets
Reading Strategy BookMarks
Audio Downloads of all 10 Lessons
Transcripts of all 10 Video's

When you buy the course you get lifetime access to the resources. Last year when enrolment was open over 1000 people completed the course and only 2 did not improve their reading volume, some by as much as 10x's as many books. Professor Peter Kreeft stated of this program, "I've taught college philosophy for over 40 years. This excellent course, if taken to heart, will do more for your education than 99% of the courses in school that you ever took." And that is very high praise.

I have worked my way through the materials from the course once already and plan on going through the video's at least a second time. Even as a reader who is well above the national average there were a number of tips and tricks in this series that I found made it more than worth it. This course presents very down to earth knowledge that is accessible even by the most reluctant of readers. I have over the years had many friends ask how they could read more; this course is the answer. It puts into words some of what I do naturally and gives me a bunch of new ideas to implement. As such I can highly recommend this course.

Even if you only pick up 1 tip from each of the 10 videos you will drastically increase your reading speed and comprehension. In fact, Brandon is so confident that the course will work for you he offers a money back guarantee. He will no invoice you until after 30 days. If you do not find the course useful just let him know and he will refund your money. And if you are still in doubt you can get access to 4 free quick lessons that are a sample of what Brandon teaches here. or if you are reading to take the plunge go and buy the course Read More Books Now!

So give it a try but time is limited course enrolment is currently only available until May 27th so get registered now.

Note: the course is now also available at Claritas U.

Books by Brandon Vogt:
Saints and Social Justice
The Church and New Media
The Saints' Favorite Books
Catholicism: The New Evangelization Study Program
Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too)
Read More Books Now

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