Tuesday 21 June 2011

Midnight Howl - Clare Hutton

Midnight Howl
Clare Hutton

Poison Apple Book 5

An Imprint of

ISBN 9780545231015

This is a fantastic series of books, geared for young women but with such great stories that any young reader would enjoy them. This is the fifth installment in the new series, Poison Apple Books from Scholastic, and it is not as dark as the previous books. It was a great read.

Clare Hutton has tackled the world of Shifters -- Werewolves, to be specific. Marisol and her mother are moving from Texas to Montana for most of her Grade 7 year. Once she arrives in this rural town she starts to experience strange events. Rumors about Werewolves and the town's history are woven into the fabric of the town and the family she and her mother are staying with. Marisol and her mother are staying with her mother's college roommate and best friend's family at their bed and breakfast. They have twins the same age as Marisol, Jack and Hailey. Soon though, Marisol is experiencing weird things, and she soon becomes suspicious that Hailey might be a Werewolf. But often we let our imaginations run away with us, especially if we are in a town with legends and history. The truth might be even more surprising than her wonderings.

This is another great book in a great series.

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