Thursday 9 June 2011

Conspiracy 365 January - Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365
Gabrielle Lord
ISBN 9781443102292

This new series from Scholastic, Conspiracy 365, is another unique approach to books that will draw readers in and keep them addicted. Much like the 39 Clues or Skeleton Creek books, it approaches story telling in a new and different way that with draw an addicted following of readers. The story is about the life of Calllum (Cal) Ormond. Almost like a year-long version of the TV series 24. The story will be told over 12 books, one released each month.

Cal gets a cryptic warning on New Year's Eve that his life is in danger and that his father was actually murdered. Soon he finds himself at odds with his uncle and life is getting stranger and stranger. Before the month of January is out, he is living on the lam, hiding out from family, the police, and even a couple of crime families - not exactly what the 15-year-old expected to be doing with his life. Soon he is trying to solve the cipher of his father's last 5 drawings, figure out what the Ormond Riddle is, or what the Ormond Singularity is, and what they have to do with him other than having his last name.

These are the stories of an ordinary guy, a young man thrown into an extra- ordinary situation. He is not a genius, not a computer geek and he has no magic. He just has his wits and a good friend helping him out. He must figure out who killed his father, who tried to kill him, and if the warning he received is correct, he has only a year to figure it out or it will be too late.

These books have a few cool features. In each book, the page numbers start at the highest and count down. The chapter headings are Dates and Time. I had intended to read these books as they came out, but got behind. Part of me is glad because I do not have to wait for the next volume but part of me regrets not reading them as they were released. It was a great first book and I know I will have to read all 12 books; the story is so good I cannot put it down. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.

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Conspiracy 365:
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