Tuesday 7 June 2011

Win - Project Dad by Todd Cartmell

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Giveaway Project Dad:
The Complete Do-It-Yourself
Guide for Becoming a Great Father

Todd Cartmell
ISBN 9780800719999

I am only about a third of the way through this book. It is amazing; it will be a great tool in your arsenal as a Christian Father. In the introduction Todd states:

"Five Key Areas

Let's review the main point so far: God is building a dad, and that dad is you. And God's plan is for you to be a great dad for the kids he has entrusted into your care. Five key areas are essential for becoming the great dad God wants you to be and that your children need you to be. To help you remember each area, I've connected each one with a body part, because as my wife keeps reminding me, guys think with their body parts. Here they are from the bottom:
  • Your eyes - how you look at your children
  • Your mouth - how you talk to your children
  • Your heart - how you connect with your children
  • Your hands - how you act toward your children
  • Your feet - how you lead your children
In the following pages, you will learn how to:
  • look at your children in a way that will help them see the reflection of who God made them to be in your eyes;
  • talk to your children in a way that will nurture them and shape how they learn to think about themselves;
  • connect with your children in a way that will build a relationship that will stay strong for years to come;
  • act toward your children in a way that will open them up to the lessons and wisdom they need to learn from you; and
  • lead your children along the path God has laid out for them and protect them from the pitfalls and traps the enemy has laid ahead of them."
He does it through the following section:

Part 1: Your Eyes - How You Look at Your Children
1. Who Are Those Little People? (And Why Are They in My House?)
2. There's a Prize Inside
3. What Are You Looking For?
4. Every Day Makes an Impact

Part 2: Your Mouth - How You Talk To Your Children
5. When Dad Talks, Who Listens?
6. Send a Message
7. Watch Out for Hazards
8. Your Secret Weapon

Part 3: Your Heart - How You Connect with Your Children
9. "Hello, My Name Is Dad"
10. Connect through Respect
11. Listen and learn
12. Connect as a Family

Part 4: Your Hands - How You Act toward Your Children
13. Be a Coach
14. Save the Picnic
15. Find the House
16. Discipline with the End in Mind (Not That End)

Part 5: Your Feet - How You Lead Your Children
17. Follow My Lead
18. The Friendship Factor
19. Draw the Line
20. Wanted: Great Dads (Superheroes Need Not Apply)

As I stated earlier this is an awesome book and you can win it just by leaving a comment on this post, second ballad for following on me on twitter, third for retweeting the contest. Winner will be announced on Fathers Day June 19th 2011, check back and email me you mailing address. Contest open to North America and UK.

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The Dutchman said...

I've got pretty good kids and, when new parents ask me what my secret is, I just say: "It's simple, you just have to devote your whole life to it."

Frank Bradley said...

Great review of the book. Looks really interesting.

Kenny said...

Looks like another book to add to the summer reading list!

traveler said...

This wonderful book would be a treasure. thanks for this great giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Looks like this book would make a great Father's Day gift. Would love to win it.

JamesP said...

Looks like a good book!