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In Too Deep - 39 Clues Book 6 - Jude Watson

In Too Deep
The 39 Clues - Book 6

Jude Watson


ISBN 9780545060462

I have been amazed at how well the story line in this series has maintained consistency and flow with the unique character of the series. With 10 books by seven authors and one continuous story line with the same characters, I really expected the story to degrade by now. Yet here we are with book six complete and it is still an amazing story. Jude Watson picks up right where Patrick Carman left off from The Black Circle. The story is fast-paced and as always it is a race for the 39 clues. The Cahil children, Amy and Dan, have a major fight because Amy tries to keep a secret from Dan, a secret she is keeping because she is ashamed and blames herself for her parents' death.

In this book some of the Cahils sink to even greater depths of depravity; threatening to feed young children to sharks, kidnapping and even attempted murder by fire and poisonous snakes and spiders. And some rise like phoenixes from the ashes and their own terrible pasts to make sacrifices for others. Some friendships are tested and some grow stronger.

The history lesson in this book focuses around Australia and some of its colorful past. Conflicts between Russian Cahils and British Royalty are discovered from the past, and there is even a run-in or two with Mark Twain. Jude Watson does a great job of exploring the history of Australia and its unique environment without making it too much like a history or social science class. Watson explores some Australian folklore, geography, legends and even wildlife. All that fits into a fast-passed novel without disturbing the flow.

This series is an interesting publishing venture - one continuous story told over 10 books but 7 different authors. The strength of the series is that thus far it has been an amazing story and very well-written over all. The novels flow from one to the other as the authors pass off the story almost seamlessly. The books will introduce readers to a number of award-winning authors, and if they pick them up because they are fans of one specific author their reading will widen in scope. Each of the authors is an award-winner, some multiple times over. Each brings something unique to the story thus making the sum much more than the combination of the parts. This is a great book in an incredible series that leaves you hanging and awaiting the next volume.

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