Monday 28 December 2009

Our Fairy Tale Romance - Andrew Schmiedicke

Our Fairy Tale Romance
How I Met A Princess in Disguise
and Convinced Her To Marry Me.

Andrew Schmiedicke
Chesterton Press
ISBN 9780981931890

This book is a wonderful story of hope, prayer and faith. It is the story of Andrew Schmiedicke and Regina Doman and their coming together with God in marriage. It is very well written, it is open, honest and transparent. Andrew shares his journey and his discernment process, as he tried to determine God's plans for his life, marriage or the priesthood. It is a struggle and process that many Catholic men have gone through. Andrew captures the struggle and sense of disappointment many experience in trying to find God's will and direction for their life. The book is moving and will stir emotions in the reader. The book begins with these words: "at 25 years of age I was already a lonely bachelor. After a number of failed relationships in high school, college and after college; after a number of journeys, adventures, and failed business and employment ventures; I found myself back in Michigan, looking for a job, and feeling ... a failure. And a bachelor." But that is just the beginning, the once upon a time.

For those already married it will remind them of their own journey, for those not yet married or engaged it can serve as a guide in how to determine God's will in their life. This is a great book as a journey both spiritual and relational. It also contains a collection of prayers at the end of the book, for those seeking a spouse, for the engagement and for the marriage. This alone makes it an exceptional resource.

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Our Fairy Tale Romance - Andrew Schmiedicke (2009)

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