Wednesday 5 August 2009

Peek a Boo! Perfect Pets by Tim Bugbird

Peek a Boo! Perfect Pets
Tim Bugbird

ISBN 9780545985468

These books are great for young children. My kids love them and when this one and Animal Babies arrived in the mail the other day, they would not put them down. Again this book includes great flaps and shapes and textures and is packed full of fun. My only complaint is that all 4 books in the series have right hand flaps on the first 4 pages and a split flap on the last page. I would have liked to see more variety, top flap, bottom, or left. Yet even with that they are favorites of our children. This time we encounter a rabbit, a kitten, a pony, a puppy and all then all four together. This book is great fun for you and your little ones.

Tim Bugbird has created some awesome children's books with this series. The books are:

Peek A Boo! Curious Kitten
Peek A Boo! Playful Puppy
Peek A Boo! Animal Babies
Peek A Boo! Perfect Pets

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