Wednesday 19 August 2009

Don't lose Your Shoes! Tie Them Instead! - Mill & Beise

Don't lose Your Shoes!
Tie Them Instead!
Elizabeth Mills (Author)

Sarah Beise (Illustrator)

Cartwheel Books

An Imprint of Scholastic

ISBN 9780545108577

This book should not only live up to its title, but be fun for children as they learn how to do so. The cover of the book actually has laces and you can lace and unlace the shoe on the cover and it has step by step instructions on how to tie shoes in a fun story. This is the story of Eric the monkey; he loves his new shoes but while at the playground he keeps having problems. First his shoes fly off on the monkey bars, then they get caught in the log bridge, and they get tangled in the rope ladder. But Eric has good friends and they help him, and in the end he can tie his shoes.

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