Tuesday 25 August 2009

Great Giveaways

Chris Rue and MVP from the Welcome to the Funcave blog is offering coupons for 20% off any Microsoft Exam, and as many as you want for completing a quick survey.

So far he has given away:
"To give folks an idea of the scale of the “Gear To Get Your Butt In Gear” giveaways at chrisrue.com this month, here’s a rough accounting (using MSRP)…

Total value of exam discounts (so far) = $11,950
Total value of books (so far) = $600
HTC Touch = $300
Windows 7 Ultimate = $320
MS Office 2007 Pro = $500
SMB Nation passes = $2000
For a GRAND TOTAL of $15,670!!"

Wow! Thanks for all the freebies. Chris Rue you rock! But take note time is limited on the 20% of Microsoft Learning is changing it and as of August 27th the discount will drop to 10% because the MCT rewards program is changing. Quick fill out the survey while you can.

Chris's company is Black Warrior Technology.

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