Thursday 31 May 2007

Meme - 8 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged!! Eight things about me meme. Ebeth from A Catholic Mom climbing the Pillars tagged me on this meme…list 8 things about myself. I am supposed to list 8 things about me and then tag 8 others to continue the meme. Everyone who gets tagged must do the same, however, I will just leave it open and let whoever wants toplay, just talk about yourself for a minute and enjoy the moment! Here goes!
  1. I struggled with wanting to be a priest for over a decade.
  2. I have a dual form of dyslexia.
  3. I collect Nalgene water bottles. (Photo of my Nalgene Stained Glass)
  4. I collect rosaries, and when people I know travel I often ask them to bring them back from shrines and other sites.
  5. If I was independently wealthy I would go to school till I die.
  6. I have filled 24 volumes of journals since August 1994.
  7. I love to cook, and make an amazing Irish Soda Bread from scratch.
  8. My wife is wonderful and incredibly patient with me and my obsession with reading, writing and school.
So if you want to play just link back here, thanks Steven. I did a different version of this meme called 5 Random things about me a while back. I tried not to duplicate answers.

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