Friday 18 May 2007

The Witch of Portobello by: Paulo Coelho

The Witch of Portobello
Paulo Coelho
Harpers Collins - Browse Inside

ISBN 9780061338809

Paulo Coelho of international fame for his book The Alchemist has here in The Witch of Portobello has woven a very unique and compelling tale. Part of what draws the reader in is the story itself and part is the very unique way it is written. Rather than a straight forward narrative, or a dialogue or even a series of letters this is a unique narrative technique. It is written as a series of first person accounts of individuals interactions with our unusual heroine Athena aka the Witch of Portobello.

These stories, taped interviews and letters have been compiled by a narrator we do not know until the end of the story. He has decided to let Athena's story be told as other's tell it, through their own words, and with all of their emotions, anger, support, respect or disgust. What we learn from these accounts is not only is Athena a bit of an enigma, from these accounts we could almost assume that almost every person encountered a different Athena, an Athena of the making in their own mind. The way the 'biography' is written it allows us to draw our own conclusions, rather than a traditionally researched biography that is colored by the lenses that cloud the vision of the biographer. Much as each of us look at the world through a series of lenses of our experiences, and cultural biases.

Athena is a young woman who tries to fill the spaces, the silences in her life. The more she tries to fill them the more dissatisfied she becomes. Until she learns that it is the silences between the notes that make the music so powerful. When she learns to embrace the silence, the spaces, she finds a power an energy. She becomes a spiritual leader, some see her as a saint and some see her as a sinner. She is both revered and feared. A saint and a demon. The compiled documents help us to see Athena for who she was.

So join our unknown biographer as we trace the life of a murdered young woman and journey around the world and into an unseen spiritual world. This book is better than some of Coelho's more recent offerings, and the narrative tool will draw you in and keep you turning the pages.

A warning though the book deals with earth religions and has some new age ceremonies in it, therefore it will not be for all readers.

(First Published in Imprint 2007-05-18 in the 'Book Review Column.)


Anonymous said...

The story is sooo amazing...
im writing a research paper about it and i rly luved the story...
the style IS amazing 2... it rly takes one to another world were he/she starts talkin to the text itself...AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm already done reading the book,The witch of Portobello and I find it very different, nice and inspiring...

Paulo never fails to amaze his readers and I'll always be one of his biggest fans!!

I simply love his writings!!!

Anonymous said...

it is a amazing book, its change my way of thinking about women.

romano wob said...

if you think of the story of Jesus, His crusificrtion, the miracles he had performed and how he was humiliated by some and rediculed... you will see the connection between the story of Athena and Jesus.I don't know if that was the author's intention but that's how I see it.