Sunday 13 May 2007

Quotes of the Week - 2007-05-13

"Humanity is fickle. They may dress for a morning coronation and never feel the need to change clothes to attend an execution in the afternoon.
So Triumphal Sundays and Good Fridays always fit comfortably into the same April week."
-Calvin Miller
-The Singer

"Institutions have a poor safety record. The guillotines of orthodoxy keep a clean blade that is always honed for heresy. And somewhere near the place where witches die an unseen sign Is posted whose invisible letters clearly read:
-Calvin Miller
-The Singer

"Where do the old gods live?
In temples tended by old, old men.
And the Young gods?
In young men who dream of building temples so that they
Will have something to tend when they are old, old men.
It is better to belive than dream.
For dreams grow old and so do dreamers.
Dreamers die but not believers."
-Calvin Miller
-The Song

"At stoning angels stand apart
And weep above the martyrs' groans.
But demons always grin, and keep
Both hands grasping - filled with stones."
-Calvin Miller
-The Song

"A God too large to walk in human shoes
Has outgrown every home of human use.
And heavy skeptics weighted down with doubt
Can never rise to find what God's about."
-Calvin Miller
-The Finale

"A humanist in choking sea
Called for help presently
Received in full intensity advice.
'You must swim, if you would be.
Rescue breeds dependency;
Self-reliance makes one free.'
'That's nice!'
He said,
And floated easily
And dead."
-Calvin Miller
-The Finale

"Socrates: Just quoting your Scriptures. I suppose I should not insult the academy. It was the invention of my favorite pupil, after all. But when it talks about a grape, I wonder why it has to squeeze out the juice and turn it into a prune."
-Dr. Peter Kreeft
-Socrates Meets Jesus

"1. What priority does the Bible hold in my personal schedule?
2. Am I involved in a church where I will learn truth on which to build my life?
3. If I stumble spiritually, are there people in my life who will hold me to what I say I believe?
4. If I'm overwhelmed with sorrow, will the people in my life comfort me with a godly perspective?
5. When I hear a conversation that contradicts the clear teaching of God's Word, how do I respond? Do I withdraw? Do I ignore it? Do I step up?
6. Am I committed to living the truth? If I'm in a situation that evolves in such a way that it is not pleasing to the Lord, am I committed enough to the truth to speak up for what is right?
7. Am I promoting the Book God wrote among the people I love? Do I talk about what I'm learning? Am I passing along the treasure?
8. Do those who know me agree that God's Word is the source of my wisdom for decisions and choices?
9. Do I have an immovable commitment to God's truth as the primary resource for my whole life? Do I evaluate all other sources of knowledge and wisdom through the grid of Scripture?
10. Which question above do I need to specifically work on? Am I willing for the Spirit of God to show me what I need to change? Will I start today?"
-Dr. James MacDonald
-The Weekly Walk 2007-05-14

"O Mary concieved without sin,
pray for those who turn to you.
-Paulo Coelho
-The Witch of Portobello

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