Sunday 3 December 2006

Procrastination & Unproductiveness

I seem to be very unproductive lately, at least when it comes to school work. I got up this morning with 100 pages of schoolwork left to read for the term. Now 8 hours later I still have 80 pages to read.

Abby, is out at the grandparents for the day so I can get some
work done. My wife is working, and I ain't accomplishing much.

First I split a lb of bacon with our housemate and some pancakes for breakfast. Then 2 quad grande americano's and still not much focus or drive.

This work needs to get done I have an online exam I have to take by Friday.

Even last night I watch the Habs beat the leafs and wrote 3 book reviews but got no school work done, once the hockey was one.

Where oh where has all my discipline gone. My work place maybe too many distractions, and even a couch for naps. Maybe I need a more austere work place.

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