Wednesday 20 December 2006

The Seven Habits of Ineffective People by: Craig Martin

A friend came up with this and I thought it was great and asked to repost it here. His blog is called Still Waking Up and his name is Craig Martin.

The Seven Habits of Ineffective People:

1. Answer every phone call and email as soon as you get it. Drop whatever you are doing. You can always come back to it later (if you remember).

2. Attend every meeting you are invited to. If you don't go, the meeting will be a failure. Whatever you were doing at your desk is less important than participating in a discussion.

3. Have a chair ready for anyone who comes by your office to talk about their weekend (or their dating life, or their new sweater...)

4. Always have someone to blame for your problems. Remember - victims always have an excuse for failure. If you aren't a victim, you're part of the problem.

5. If you have some spare time at home, waste it on mindless entertainment. Only workaholics spend their free time investing. You'll probably have a secure job until you're 75, so why worry about extra income? Starting a business might give you a return years from now. Entertainment gives a return right now.

6. Education is for teenagers. You were done school a long time ago. Your diploma helped you get a job, and now that you have a job, why learn more?

7. If you feel like doing something, always check to make sure it meets someone's needs other than your own. If you think you might step on someone's toes, then don't do it.

Oh, and the 8th Habit:

Never delegate. Remember, "If it's to be, it's up to me." Who can you trust anymore? Nobody can do it as well as you can!

(Reposted with permission)

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