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Tiassa - Steven Brust - Vlad Taltos Book 13

Vlad Taltos Book 13
Steven Brust
ISBN 9780765312099
eISBN 9781429991742

This is the 13th novel directly in the Vlad Taltos series and when you include the Khaavren Romances and the short stories set in Dragaera there are over 20 works to date. I have been reading them since Jhereg came out in 1983 and still find them amazing stories to read. In fact Jhereg is the first book that I can recall purchasing for myself, and attribute it and Brust's writings for much of my love and enjoyment of reading. If you are not familiar with Vlad Taltos and his familiar Loiosh you are missing out on some great fun, a little bit of magic, weapons, weapons and more weapons, and an assassin with a wicked sense of humor and often a big heart. This book is written in three sections that spread across the most of the other novels and links it to characters from The Khaavren Romances. Every now and then a Vlad novel comes out that is so good, I end up going back and rereading the whole series, either in the order they were published or the Chronological order. This is one such book.

The stories in this volume focuses around a an ornate silver Tissa, "It is described as a tiny sculpture of a tiassa, all of silver, with sapphires for eyes." And also "-about the size of my palm, all of silver, except for the eyes, which appeared to be very tiny sapphires. The wings were thin, and filled with a multitude of tiny holes so the light shone through, and there were whiskers around the mouth." Yes it is a beautiful piece of artwork, it was crafted by the goddess Mafenyi and stolen by Devera, and from time to time Devera passes it on to someone who needs it for a specific purpose. It features in this story and in its history Vlad appears to be the only person who has possessed it twice. Other than Devera but she currently dances in and out of time, playing with this and that as the mood takes her.

The Second section takes place many years later. Vlad is on the run from the Jhereg. This story follows many characters but Vad is not directly involved. The Countess of Whitecress, wife to Khaavren and mother to the Viscount, and Cawti - Vlad's ex-wife and a certain hair to the throne. Again many things are not as they appear but the resolution and it's after effects are very surprising.

The third section is written by Paarfi within the story and told as a popular fiction. It follows Khaavren as both the Captain of the Phoenix Guard and leader of the Special Tasks Group. This story begins with Vlad being found nearly dead floating in the river and Khaavren must find out why, and why Vlad lied about how and where he sustained his injuries.

All in all it was a great story that filled in some pieces, tied together some different stories and characters and as always left us wanting more. Thankfully Hawk is due out soon.

Books by Steven Brust:
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Jhereg (1983)
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Jhegaala (2008)
Athyra (1993)
Orca (1996)
Issola (2001)
Dzur (2006)
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Iorich (2010)
Tiassa, section 3 (2011)
Hawk (2014)

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