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Tending the Temple - Dr. Kevin Vost, Shane Kapler and Peggy Bowes

Tending the Temple
Dr. Kevin Vost
Shane Kapler
Peggy Bowes
Bezalel Books
ISBN 9781936453009

I have read a number of daily devotional books by such authors as Oswald Chambers, John Eldredge, and Billy Graham, but there are not that many quality ones written by, or specifically for, Catholics. Of those that are, the only one I have used more than once is In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez Carvajal, and it is 6 plus pages per day. This one will be reread each day for the next few years, maybe even longer. In the intro, the authors state that each month has a special dedication in the church. They are:

January: Holy Name of Jesus
February: Holy Family
March: St. Joseph
April: Blessed Sacrament
May: Mary
June: Sacred Heart
July: Precious Blood
August: Immaculate Heart of Mary
September: Our Lady of Sorrows
October: Rosary
November: Holy Souls in Purgatory
December: Immaculate Conception

This book is a devotional for body, mind and spirit. Christ stated that he came that we might have life and have it abundantly. I have always believed that God wants us to be whole - of sound body, sound mind and sound spirit. I personally, after 10 years in Campus ministry as a student, volunteer and staff, found that too many people, too many ministries and too many churches only focus on the spirit or spirit and mind, and let the body slide. This book is intended to help bring about a more balanced approach to life.

Each day we have a quote from the bible and/or a Saint of the church, a reflection and an exercise. This book was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grown in one of those three areas and especially for those who seek balance in their life. There is much in this book we can apply to our personal life and I know that with each rereading, new things and new practices will come up and as we grow, a deeper level of devotion. Awesome book. Thanks Kevin, Shane and Peggy.

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