Thursday 25 November 2021

To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee

To Kill a Mocking Bird
To Kill A Mocking Bird Book 1
ISBN 9780446310789
eISBN 9780062368683

I last read this nearly 40 years ago. I believe it was grade 8 when we had to read it as a class. I remembered it had a big impact. And much of the book came back as I was reading it, but some did not. And reading it in my early 50’s and in this day and age is very different than reading it in the early 80’s. I picked this up because my daughter was reading it in grade 10. I have not reread everything she has been assigned these last two years, But I have read most of the novels and plays. I recall when Go Set a Watchman came out a handful of years ago, and even leading up to its publication the hullabaloo around it. I had intended to go back and read this book then, but it fell low in my ‘to be read pile’ and only now resurfaced.

I can recall that this was one of the first books that brought me close to tears, and moved me deeply. And even after all these years I would say its impact this time around was even deeper. There are parts of this book that even as an adult are hard or uncomfortable to read. But I do believe it is an important work. One I am grateful to have read when young, and to have read again now.

I know I cannot do justice to reviewing the book. But I can state that it has had a deep and lasting impact on how I look at the world. 

There are so many different editions, and imprints of this book, that it took me a long time to find the eBook edition to match the one my daughter was reading in school. My wife is reading the book now, which says a lot. I am thankful for this book, I am very thankful it has not been banned, or cancelled, yet. I am grateful to read this at the same time as my 15 year old and engage with her about the book. I do not know how anyone could read this, look at history and not be deeply moved. And I have bumped Go Set A Watchman towards the top of my reading list.

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