Wednesday 3 July 2019

The Truth App - Jack Heath - Liars Book 1

The Truth App
Liars Book 1
ISBN 9781743817766
eISBN 9781760272760
ISBN 9781534449862
eISBN 9781534449886

This is the third book by Jack Heath that I have read, and it is my favorite. I am really looking forward to where this series is going. This book is written for teens or a Young Adult audience, but I believe any fans of a good mystery or thriller will love this book. In some ways reading this was like watching an action movie. Once I started, I could not stop. And I devoured most of the novel in a single sitting. This is an incredible beginning in what looks like an amazing series! 

Jarli Durras is a high school student who loves to code. He has created an app called ‘The Truth App’ he released it to a forum to get some beta testers. But It instantly became a worldwide hit. The problem is not everyone wants their secrets exposed. And many want their lies kept secret. What started as a personal project is turning the world upside down. And when you combine that with someone trying to either kill Jarli or his father and this story has some series action. 

Jarli is being hunted. First the man hit his father car twice with a large ute (truck). Then he showed up at the hospital after the ‘accident’ and chases Jaeli and shoots at him. The police do not believe Jarli and his app going viral has the media from all over converging on the small town of Kelton. After getting mobbed by students upset about the app, Jarli gets assistance from Anya a new girl at the school and his best friend Bess. But things go from bad to worse and soon Jarli is sprinting away from one danger and maybe heading into another.

The plot of this story is intense. And this first volume ends on a cliff hanger. The characters are wonderful. Jarli and his family, and his friends Anya and Bess. The small town feel with a big secret and mystery is an interesting twist. Very well written. 

This was a great novel. I look forward to rereading it with my son. And I am thankful that the eBooks of all four are available now. The four volumes are available electronically and from Australia, the North American Print edition comes out in the winter in 2020. And excellent story with action from the first sentence to the last page. Be warned you will be hooked! 

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